Match Results

Friendly / Trial

Bartley Secondary School

27 March 2022

AC United


Joshua FC


Man of Match

Zad ***


Haiqal (Muhd Haiqal Syarizz)
3rd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play

Trialist 2
3rd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play

Opponent Goals

1st Quarter : 2
2nd Quarter : 2
3rd Quarter : 0
4th Quarter : 2

Red Cards


Yellow Cards


Match Report

Same Old Same Old as the Blues hit the Blues

by Boonadine Limdane

It was like a gathering of old friends. High Fives outside the school, everyone finding out how their teammates were doing these past few years. Some better, some not much better, some fatter, some skinnier. But everyone wore the same cheesy grin on their faces. After a false start weeks back, 11-a-side has finally returned!

Zad showing off his new fuchsia top.

Woo Hoo!

Starting 11: Zad, Hafiz, J, Ben, Alex, Kaide, Bob, Haiqal, Ridwan, Hafeez, Syad

Reserves: Boonk, Dayat, Trialist 1, Hashiq