Match Results

Sports4U Bavarian Marques Champions Cup 2019/2020

East Spring Secondary School

23 February 2020

AC United


Get Rekt FC


Man of Match

Tommy Lim


Tommy Lim
1st Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Amirul (Muhd Amirul bin Walid)

Hafeez (Muhammad Nurhafeez)
3rd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Tommy Lim

Tommy Lim
4th Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)

Hafeez (Muhammad Nurhafeez)
4th Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Ahmed Soud

Opponent Goals

1st Quarter : 1
2nd Quarter : 1
3rd Quarter : 1
4th Quarter : 0

Red Cards


Yellow Cards


Match Report

We Came In Like A Rekt-king Ball

by Boonadine Limdane

Led by the in-form Tommy, the greatest wrecking ball of all time, AC United overturned a 2-goal deficit against a well drilled and skilled Get Rekt FC to emerge 5-3 winners in a pulsating afternoon game at East Springs Secondary School on Sunday.




Hard to believe though, but things didn't always look so rosy.

At kick off, AC United were only able to squeeze out 9 players onto the pitch. The fact that the gaffer Boonk had to field himself was already a warning sign. Behind him in goal was Kevin (bless his soul), and alongside bulgy were Alex and Yan. Tommy and Taufeeq formed the central midfield pairing, with Dzul and Gullzar on the wings, leaving Ahmed alone up front to fend for himself.

The opening minutes were cagey. Although 2 men down, AC United sat deep and starved Get Rekt of any space to exploit. It worked a treat and once the reinforcements arrived, in the form of Amirul and Haiqal, AC United were back in business.

Unfortunately, the first goal came from Get Rekt. A long ball played down the left stretched the AC United defence paper thin and when the ball was cut back into the centre, noone was found anywhere near their striker and he duly smashed home for the opener.

It didn't take long though for AC United to hit back with their not-so-secret weapon, the TL wrecking ball! Amirul's foray into the Get Rekt defence was illegally halted and the referee awarded a freekick to the boys in yellow. Amirul's well struck freekick was parried against the post by their keeper and Tommy was the first to react, diving head first to send a flying header into the goal for a much deserved equalizer.

The celebrations have barely died down when Get Rekt scored again. Their striker broke the offside trap and although Boonk was closing him down fast, the striker cooly finished under the diving body of Kevin to restore his team's one goal advantage.

Dayat and Hafeez were brought in but the score remained 1-2 to Get Rekt going into the break.

The second period began with a handful of changes, the most prominant being bringing Boonk out and bringing Tommy back to take over duties at the centre of defence. Taufeeq, Hafeez and Ridhwan now formed the midfield triumvirate from which AC United were planning to launch their comeback. The unpredictable Wayne came in on the left while Gullzar remained on the right. The frontline now saw a terrifying duo in Dayat and Amirul.

But it was going to get worse before it got better. Get Rekt snuck in a goal in the first couple of minutes of the restart and things looked ominous from that point. 2 goals down, against a team that looked well organised, displaying a good passing game at that point and seemed to be growing in confidence.

The AC United team though wasn't going to lie down and let Get Rekt walk all over them. It started with the defence being given a new lease of life when the red-hot Yan was replaced by Jason. With fresh legs introduced into the backline, AC United started to sputter into life. Ahmed was the next to return to the field as AC United looked for a way back.

Taufeeq upped his gear and was soon found everywhere, from our box, to the right flank. A minute later he is receiving the ball on the left. That mobility rubbed off on everyone and soon everyone was moving into space, making it difficlut for their opposite numbers to track them. And that was the catalyst for AC United's next goal.

Amirul was elusive all afternoon and when Ahmed lifted a ball over the Get Rekt defence, noone seemed to know where Amirul was. Until it was too late. The skilful striker plucked the ball out of the air with a deft touch and raced towards goal. The keeper was quick off his line and forced Amirul to go round him. A covering defender was quick on his heels and seeing Amirul about to pull the trigger, slid in to block the shot. A drag, and a pull, was all it took to render the slide non-existent and the cool as a cucumber striker calmly slotted the ball between the post and a second defender to cut the deficit to 2!

3-2 and game on!

Amirul made way for Hafeez almost immediately after the goal as the team went for broke.

At the other end, Tommy, Alex and Jason were tidying things up. Like a well waxed car on a rainy day, everything thrown at the AC United backline ended up flowing out into oblivion.

One such incursion saw Tommy dispossess the opposition striker with ease, before sending a long delightful ball into the Get Rekt half. With their defence caught off guard, Hafeez sped off with the ball before lifting it over the stranded Get Rekt keeper to give AC United the much deserved equalizer!

The dam has burst and AC United were pouring forward like a Tsunami on steroids!

Gullzar and Wayne were tearing down the wings at will and should have scored on a number of occasions had they had their scoring boots on. One of Gullzar's shot was charged down and AC United were given a corner. From the resulting corner, Gullzar's outswinger was met by the towering figure of... you guessed it. Tommy-the-wrecking-ball-Lim! Tommy rose highest to head the ball past a static Get Rekt defence to give AC United the lead for the first time!

And AC United did not stop there. Wave after wave of attacks pounded on the Get Rekt backine, forcing them further and further inland. Eventually, their resistance was broken for the last time, when Ahmed threaded an inch perfect pass through the eye of a needle and into the path of the onrushing Hafeez. Still left with lots to do, the AC United striker feinted one way before going another, bamboozling the keeper and a defender. Just when it looked like he took the ball too far, Hafeez squeezed the ball in from a tight angle to add the icing on the cake for AC United.

The game petered off thereafter and AC United saw the game out without much ado. Final score, 5-3 to AC United!

The Man Of The Match was coy when asked about his pass to Hafeez for the all important lead.

"I have to be honest that wasn't meant to be a pass," admitted the humble giant. "I just cleared the ball away from danger and Ahmed looked like he was going to get it, then it dropped nicely for Hafeez and he finished the move!"

Jason too was keen to add his 2 cents worth.

"Probably my aura inspired the comeback. Can I claim that?"

A truly inspiring performance by the entire team and hopefully this is a sign of things to come in this newly minted Champions Cup competition.

Starting 11: Kevin, Yan, Boonk, Alex, Tommy, Taufeeq, Gullzar, Dzul, Haiqal, Ahmed, Amirul

Reserves: Hafeez, Jason, Dayat, Wayne, Ridhwan