Match Results

Sports4U Bavarian Marques Championship One 2019/2020

Meridian Secondary School

9 February 2020

AC United


Purple Monkeys (Social)


Man of Match

Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)


Tommy Lim
1st Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)

Kevin Wun
2nd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)

Ben Koh
1st Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)

Kevin Wun
2nd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)

Opponent Goals

1st Quarter : 1
2nd Quarter : 0
3rd Quarter : 0
4th Quarter : 0

Red Cards


Yellow Cards

  • Gullzar (Gullzar Khan)
  • Tommy Lim

Match Report

Gullzar Pulls The Strings In 4-1 Double Over Purple Monkeys (Social)

by Boonadine Limdane

After enduring a week of incessant jokes from his teammates for his missed penalty last week, the real Gullzar turned up at Meridian Secondary on Sunday with a performance masterclass, assisting all 4 goals as his AC United team put the game beyond Purple Monkeys (PM) in the first 45 minutes and complete the league double on their opponents.

Pre-match though, was all about Gullzar and his partners in crime, Tommy and Ahmed. The 3 have contrived to miss all the penalties awarded to AC United this season, a statistic that will likely go down in the record books. The line up this morning though was a strong one and even before the ball was kicked, PM looked like they were going to have one hell of an afternoon on their hands.

Kevin has proven to be a rock between the sticks and he keeps his place in goal. The back 3 was made up of the towering Steve with DQ and Alex on either side. Bob, Tommy and Smallboy formed the midfield core, while Kinoyy and Gullzar were given licence to roam. Upfront, Ahmed and Ben led the line.

An usual set of nerves hit the AC team upon kick off though. Within seconds of the first half, AC United conceded an unnecessary corner. That though led to nothing, but it helped to give the team a kick up the behind. As time went by, the team grew in confidence. The backline got more sure of themselves, the gameplay in the final third was a pleasure to watch. And it was from one such passing move that forced a corner for the men in yellow.

Gullzar stepped up to take and his deceptive near post corner was met by Tommy's right boot. The ball richocheted between the PM defenders before trickling past the line. And the flood gates looked like they were about to open.

But PM had other ideas. A quick counter attack forced Tommy to bodycheck (read: clothesline!) the winger and the eagle eyed referee gave a freekick to PM. The resulting freekick was floated into a sea of players in the AC penalty box and with noone really connecting with the ball, the sneaky spherical S.O.B bounced off the knee of the backtracking Bob and into goal, giving PM a surprising equaliser!

But that was it for PM. The goal galvanised AC United and they were now playing with renewed rigour and purpose. Kinoyy and Gullzar were in particular a pain in the opponent's ass. Their pace and wizardry proved impossible to contain and chances were being fashioned left right and centre.

But it took another set piece for AC to score their second.

After forcing a corner from their umpteenth attack, Gullzar stepped up to deliver the corner. He whipped in a wicked piledriver that evaded everyone except the perfectly placed Ben, who volleyed home to everyone's disbelief, before wheeling away in delight. This gave his team a lead that they will not relinquish.

Kevin Wun and Dayat were brought on to bring in some fresh legs up front and keep the pressure on. It didn't take long for the third goal to come. A 50 yard crossfield ball from Gullzar found Kevin on the left edge of the PM box. The all rounded striker, without breaking a sweat, killed the ball with his first touch before cooly finishing the ball under the onrushing keeper to make it 3 for AC United!

(There were rumours that it was meant as a pass to his strike partner Hidayat that went horribly wrong but of course we don't believe a word of that..)

As the half drew to a close, there was still time for a fourth goal. For the fourth time, the assist came from the man on form, Mr Gullzar Khan! The AC United winger on corner duty cemented his role as the deadball specialist of the team when he floated a beauty of a cross to Kevin, who managed to find s sliver of space after breaking away from his marker. Like a dolphin at Underwater World, Kevin rose highest to nod home the ball, giving AC United a 4-1 lead going into the break.

The gaffer tweaked the structure for the second half, reverting to a more traditional back 4 while replacing Tommy, who was on a yellow card, with the all-rounder Boonk. Kinoyy, a thorn in PM's defence all half, was replaced by another mercurial winger in the form of Haiqal as AC United looked to have the game sewn up early in the second period.

With the afternoon showers starting to rain down on the teams, and with AC United happy to sit back and hit PM on the counter, chances were few and far between. Kevin Wun had several chances to complete his hattrick but it was just not meant to be. Haiqal too had a chance in front of goal that looked easier to score than to miss. Ahmed and Gullzar both had shots that scratched the PM goal frame.

It was not all one way traffic though and when the need called for it, the lanky Kevin was there to clean up the mess. Quick off his line, his reaction rendered the few PM throughballs totally ineffective. In fact, the closest PM came to scoring in the second period was when Ales glanced a defensive header just wide of the AC near post!

It wasn't long before the game petered to an end and the referee ended it 4-1 in AC United's favour.

Midfield maestro Bob was asked about how the change in formation affected his game in the centre of the park, having started the game as part of a centre midfield trio, before ending the game as the lone ranger there.

"Yes it definitely made a difference," quipped the stocky midfielder. "On the bright side, we got more attacking at the top and more space for me to move around but on the other hand, it also became alot more tiring!"

From zero to hero, Man Of The Match Gullzar was instrumental in the win today and he was asked if the missed penalty last week played in his mind before the game.

"Yes it definitely spurred me on," he admitted after the game. "I always feel like I have something to give to this team and missing the penalty last week was disappointing for me.

"I'm glad that I redeemed myself with the 4 assists and helped the team win today. The feeling damn good!"

Next week, league leaders Chillax are coming to town. Hope the team is ready for them!

Starting 11: Kevin, Steve, DQ, Alex, Tommy, Bob, Smallboy, Gullzar, Kinoyy, Ahmed, Ben

Reserves: Hidayat, Haiqal, Boonk, Kevin Wun