Match Results

ESPZen Sunday League Season 28

Bowen Secondary School

7 October 2018

AC United


Stickies FC



Haiqal (Muhd Haiqal Syarizz)
3rd Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Renan ***

Haiqal (Muhd Haiqal Syarizz)
4th Quarter
Goal Type: Open Play
Assist: Renan ***

Opponent Goals

1st Quarter : 0
2nd Quarter : 1
3rd Quarter : 3
4th Quarter : 2

Red Cards


Yellow Cards


Match Report

Calamitous Goalkeeping The Highlight Of The Day

by Boonadine Limdane

Welcome once again to much anticipated game of the week, or the only game of the week. AC United water uncle, Boonk was absent for the kick off so our man between the sticks took charge. AC United already felt a good vibe during the team talk as there were subs available before kick-off and two beautiful supporters joining us for the post-game barbeque.

The heat is right, the meat is fresh, all is good to go!

AC United started a surprised pairing upfront, almost like a Heskey-Owen partnership. Leroy and Fareez jaga the midfield with Faz and Hafeez on the wings, while Marcus and Aidil played in the heart of defence, ably assisted by DQ and Basil on the right and left respectively. At the back stood the imposing figure of Zad.

Hafeez getting ready to go on anther of his mazy runs down the right.

The defence was tenacious and fired up to bounce every ball off in the opposite direction.


Starting 11: Boonk - Basil - Marcus - Haziq - Faz - Leroy - Taufeeq - Haiqal - Hafeez - Renan - Fareez

Substitutes: Dzul

Player / Manager: Boonk