Match Results

ESPZen Sunday League Season 28

Bowen Secondary School

30 September 2018

AC United


Everyday Sunday Tusser FC


Man of Match

Marcus West


Opponent Goals

1st Quarter : 0
2nd Quarter : 0
3rd Quarter : 1
4th Quarter : 1

Red Cards


Yellow Cards


Match Report

Not Everyday Is Sunday For Tusser

by Willie Wonka

Welcome once again to much anticipated game of the week, or the only game of the week. AC United water uncle, Boonk was absent for the kick off so our man between the sticks took charge. AC United already felt a good vibe during the team talk as there were subs available before kick-off and two beautiful supporters joining us for the post-game barbeque.

The heat is right, the meat is fresh, all is good to go!

AC United started a surprised pairing upfront, almost like a Heskey-Owen partnership. Leroy and Fareez jaga the midfield with Faz and Hafeez on the wings, while Marcus and Aidil played in the heart of defence, ably assisted by DQ and Basil on the right and left respectively. At the back stood the imposing figure of Zad.

Hafeez getting ready to go on anther of his mazy runs down the right.


AC United played with a common mind from the beginning, watching the opponent like a hawk, waiting to strike. 5 minutes into the game, AC United created a certain chance that was pulled wide from point blank. A good chance not capitalised.

However, all was made up in no time.

The venomous bite was inflicted from the most unknowing player, a legend who is rarely spoken about, Willie Tan. A cleverly placed free kick by Leroy allowed the legend to ghost in like a stealthy cat behind enemy lines and snipe a 'hairder' into the net.

1 nil to AC!

The weather was BBQ scorching and as if that is not enough, All-Cooked United turned up the heat. The legendís strike partner, Renan, was so impressed by the first goal that he scored an exact replica to show his admiration. Again, Leroy the supplier, a ready contender for Man of the Match.

Seconds before Renan flicks the ball over the EST keeper for goal number 2.


The game was marred by an unfortunate accident for the opponents. A usual tussle for the ball on the far touchline saw an EST player fall awkwardly, resulting in a dislocated left wrist. Immediate medical attention was called upon while the rest of the players can only wish him the best.

AC United made a couple of changes and was careful not to get complacent, but Renan was not done. He wizarded into the box only to be brought down to earn AC United a penalty, to which he converted coolly to put AC United in a rare position. 3-nil up.

The opponents had their fair share of chances but the finishing was falling short.

The second half started uneventfully. AC United was definitely feeling the heat and thereafter it was a tale of 2 halves.

The opponents got in sync approaching the end of game by scoring two quick goals, from lapses in concentration from AC United. They could have scored more but the massive AC United goalkeeper Zad made several fingertip dives when the opponent's shots looked certain for goal.

AC United applying pressure on the EST defence.


The defence was tenacious and fired up to bounce every ball off in the opposite direction.

Credit to the opponents for their passing and pressing game towards the end. A small scuffle took place after a few rough tackles and physical battles between the two sides, signalling no one is giving up yet. AC United was determined to protect the lead and the game was won by pure will and grit. If the first half is the strikersí show, then the second half surely belongs to the defenders.

"There were big tackles won all around the pitches and big saves made for the 3 points," said Basil, who certainly felt moved by the AC United's cohesive showing.

A good showing to extend AC United's winning streak to 4 in a row. Next up, league leaders Stickies!


Starting 11: Zad - DQ - Aidil - Zaki - Basil - Leroy - Fareez - Faz - Hafeez - Willie - Renan

Substitutes: Haiqal - Awang - Boonk - Marcus - Heede

Manager: Boonk